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Anthony cooks at Genoa Restaurant

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The seating is limited for this event, so email Michael at Genoa now to secure your spot for this culinary journey!

Anthony Cafiero Comes to Genoa as the first ‘Guest Chef’ in our new series – Come join us on Sunday, April 29

This is an exciting time to be a chef in Portland. At no other time in recent memory has the dialogue about food in Portland been so diverse, so intense, so full of innovation. With its collaborative approach and its role as an incubator for some of this city’s greatest chefs, Genoa has been a culinary academy as much a restaurant. Collaborating and learning from one another has become a hallmark as to how our kitchen works.

Honoring that tradition, we are pleased to announce the first in a series of guest chef dinners at Genoa. The goal for these events, to be held the last Sunday of every month, is to reach out to chefs who are shaping the culinary landscape with a unique point of view and collaborate on a special evening that pushes some boundaries and explores how their philosophy can be melded with our own distinct point of view.

The first chef to join us in our monthly ‘guest chef series’ will be Tabla’s Anthony Cafiero this Sunday, April 29th. Anthony has been on the cutting edge of modern techniques with a Spanish influence, and it will also be a reunion of sorts with Sommelier Michael Garofola, who worked alongside Cafiero for years at Tabla and Ten 01.
This first menu will be an exploration of incorporating modern techniques with traditional flavor and cuisine. Spain has been leading the way in this for so long now that it has become an integral part of their cuisine. Inspired by that creativity and the amazing work that Anthony is doing, we decided to dedicate this menu to that direction. Here is a sample draft for Sunday’s dinner. I hope that you can join us as it will be a dinner to remember.

Tabla + Genoa
An exploration of Modern technique and traditional flavors

Amuse Bouche/Snacks

First course
Spanish octopus, potato, paprika, albarino

Pasta Course
Saffron “Tagliatelle” carbonara, pepper crusted egg yolk, guanciale powder, pecorino air

Fish Course
Spring Chinook, buckwheat, crema, asparagus, pickled shallot, dill

Main Course
Oregon Buffalo Tenderloin cooked sous vide with fava bean-potato puree, cocoa nib tuile and blueberry-rhubarb agrodolce

Cheese Course
Portland creamery chèvre, rhubarb, licorice.

Dessert Course
Flourless chocolate cake with fig caramel, port reduction and blue cheese crumbles

The six course dinner will commence at 6pm, on Sunday April 29h, and will be offered at $120, with a special wine pairing developed by Michael Garofola. Please contact Michael at for further details or to make reservations.
Genoa Restaurant

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Sherry Event – March 5th!

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Time for another Sherry Event at Tabla!

Monday, March 5th


Bonnie Crocker from PDX Wines will be here again, pouring not only the 5 sherry basic flight, but also 4 extraordinary VORS sherries.

These Very Rare Old Sherries average 50-70 years in solera and are very difficult to come by.  This is a unique opportunity to try all these sherries side by side.

In addition to a great tapas pairing for the sherries, Chef Anthony is creating a special custom Spanish menu for those of you who want to stay for dinner after the tasting.

Sous Vide Egg

ham chip, cauliflower panna cotta

Polpo a la Plancha

ajo blanco, mojo verde

Vittelone Croquetas

saffron rice pudding

Iberico Pluma

celery root, carrot

Smoked Lobster

pickled apple+fennel salad, lemon gel, sorrel

Black Rice Risotto

cacio di roma, brussel sprout leaves

Scallop Crudo

roasted beets, horseradish air

These modern small plates will be $8-18. Menu subject to change.

Please RSVP at 503-238-3777.  We will have limited open reservations from 6-9pm.

Ultimate Cheese Challenge

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Don’t bother watching the Oscars.  Come to the Ultimate Cheese Challenge at Tabla February 26th.

Steve Jones from Cheese Bar has picked out 36 of his favorite cheeses and we’ve paired them with wine, beer and cider.  Now you get to taste them all and vote on what is the best pairing.  We have wine from Matello and Teutonic, cider from Wandering Aengus and Bushwhacker and beer from The Commons Brewery and Gigantic Brewing.  Fino in Fondo Charcuterie from McMinnville will be offering samples of their salumi as well.  Everyone gets a 33 Cheese book to record their tasting notes and we have live music from Stuart Wylen and Dave & The Gentle Surprise.  Cost is only $49.  Go to to purchase tickets.  Space is limited.  Open sessions are 2-4pm and5-7pm. For those of you in the hospitality industry, we have a 8-10pm industry only session for $39.

Tabla’s Pasta Voted Top 101 in U.S. by New York Magazine’s Grub Street

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In  the 4/13 issue of Grub Street New York,’s food blog, Tabla was included in the Top 101 Pasta Dishes in the United States.

We have been making our pasta fresh every day here at Tabla for the last 8 years.  Under Chef Anthony Cafiero’s leadership, we also increased the number and types of fresh past dishes we serve each night.  We currently offer the Tajarin, Tabla Ravioli, Pappardelle, Squid Ink Tonnarelli and Cavatelli.

Portland Food Adventures Dinner @ Tabla

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March 29th, 2011

Tabla hosted a Portland Food Adventures Dinner

Check out the menu Anthony created for this amazing event!!!!


Potato Air with Truffle Pearls


Chevre Gnudi, Maitake Mushrooms, Nettles, Green Garlic Broth


Guilde of Goat Cheese Custard, Quince & Lucques Olives


Sous Vide Egg, Coppa, Breadcrumbs,  Caper Aioli, Miner’s Lettuce


Apple in Three Textures, Scallop, Serrano Jus


Mar y Montana: Marinated Spanish Octopus, Pork Belly, Chickpeas, Ajo Blanco


Carrot Granita, Juniper Smoked Yogurt,  Ground Licorice


Chocolate, Pomegranate, Quinoa,  Orange Pebbles, Citrus Cream

Restaurant Kokotxa

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Hey guys, I’m back in Portland tonight, super late. However, whole I was in the airport ay both Madrid and JFK, I finished some entries for this Spain trip blog of mine. I will post a few over the next couple days.

Restaurant Kokotxa

Wow, I actually took pictures during my lunch here at Kokotxa in San Sebastian. Sitting down at 2, I didn’t leave till 4, so that was nice. The tasting menu was really brilliant, and I got to ask the chef a few questions after the meal.

The first app was a little glass ramekin filled with a marinated mussle salads, topped with am espuma of cauliflower. Lovely. The little jar of perfect bites is a great way to start off a meal, and was definatly a trend at all the nice places I got to go too.

The next was a salad of warm octopus and jamon iberico, with herbs and mango. The fruit harmonized the octo and the jamon.

There was a beautiful dish of seared scallops and txiperones, baby squids, with root veg and a spinach oil that was just fantastic in that the seafood was so nice and sweet.

The liquid Spanish omelet was really inventive, with a salad of spider crab, or txongurro, done in the donosian style, with brandy, a little tomato, its own roe, and onion. Pretty strong, bit delicious. The liquid omelet was actually charged potato and egg puree this was on top of the spider crab, and a little nest of the smallest whole shrimp ever, fried crisp, sat on top of everything. Every bite was perfect, complex and full of textures.

The fish was bacala, seared skin sitting next to little rigatoni pasta filled with minced calimari.

The roasted venison loin could not have been more perfect, the ultimate medium rare sous vid, then seared and served with a almond paste and pineapple pieces. The trend I’d putting tropical fruit into meat sauces seems to work very well. It’s all about the sweet, rich, and acid balance. The fruit also gives the sauce a boost in texture.

Both desserts were excellent, the last of which had the most wonderful spheres of strawberries, which the chef, Dani explained later to me was a mix of sugar, gluconolactat, set in a sodium alginate bath.

San Sebastian!

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Everything started off good, the train was intimate and my apartment was blocks away from the station. The problem was ‘friendly rentals’, the people I rented from. They wanted my payment for the apparent up front, which is cool, but they wanted it in cash! Not cool. I don’t know about you, but when I roll around Europe, through two train stations, I’m not carrying 1,000 euro of cash. Any way, everything got figured out just in time for me to catch a mini flu virus or something. I was  laying low in my apartment for 2 days until I was ready to rock. It’s like ‘water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink’, right. Oh well, I have a bunch of days here, and want to be able to power through a few awesome tasting menus with gusto.
The first day I could stomach food, (or anything for that matter.  I hate it when you can’t even drink water with confidence), I walked along the river that cuts the city into east and west, or oldtown and Gros, the east side. You can walk all the way to the Atlantic ocean at the tip of San Sebastian and watch waves smash against the earth. It’s pretty exciting.  There are some giant, modernist cubes at the bluffs, where I later have a fun tapas experience:

Cafeteria nineu at the big lit-up cubeon the bluffs is pretty interesting. You can hear the opera show going on next door, and seems to be filled with rich.people on vacation. To be honest, this whole town is rich people on vacation. Or old men drinking all afternoon with their old man friends and bartender. They use a pager to let you know when your food is up. The pager has a number, but everyone in Spain seems to be able to remember what everyone has ordered. I wonder if a fast paced tapas bar in Portland could handle verbal order, and having customers repeat back what they ordered when they are done and want to pay. It’s all part of the honor system and respect for the restaurant you are in.  Had a little trio of tapas: Endive impregnated with Roquefort, ragu of crab in the donozia style, tomato, and a little rice with pork trotter and ear, and a glass of wine, 10E. 

Walking around old town is pretty much what you do all afternoon. It’s pretty small, but you seem to discover place that you didn’t remember were the the last tome you passed by. One of these places was A Fuego Negro, a modern tapas place that Manuel had told me about back when I visited Viridian Farms .

Found a fuego Negro, a tapas bar that is super modern. I remember Manuel showed me there cookbook, I’m buying one.
Salmorejo, frozen into half circles, then fused. Rolled in ganach/cocoa butter with pimiento infused into it. Allowed to defrost.  The butter holds a shell, then you crack it in your mouth, and get a capsule effect without all the molecular stuff. Awesome 
Olives filled with red vermouth gel.
Caesar salad in a cup. Dressing off to the side, isi’ed!  Ajo blanco in little dollops, encapsulation with cacao butter again, with littlepaprika for color.
Cured and pressed off yolk, slices in mixed salad.
Stuff like that. There is this mushroom soup that comes deconstructed: herbs and crunchies in the bottom of a rocks glass, a piece of clear, edible plastic covers the top, and there are a few TINY deepfried shrimp on top of the edible plastic. The bartender then pours, from an antique tea pot, hot mushroom soup onto the shrimp and the plastic. The heat melts away the plastic instantly, causing the little shrimp to fall onto the glass, which is filled with the soup. Wow.


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Gresca was a wonderful little Resto recommended to by by the Somm at a place called monvinic. Check out their website. The wine cellar there is enormous and there while wine list is in iPad-like tablets so you can check out details about your wine, and refine your searches with a bunch if different criteria. Pretty awesome, and it definatly made me want to drink am extra glass, just for fun.
Anyway, he suggested Gresca because I told him I was a cook from usa and he thought Gresca word be perfect for me. He was right. Of couse, befor that I had to have a Hendrix and tonic at Dry Martini. Super old school speakers kinda place where everyone was dresses nice. Check this out.

Gresca was tiny, with only 2 girls working it, that little kitchen put out some of the best stuff I’ve had all trip. Starting out with a warm file of Sardine, covered with see-through slices of cured iberian pork belly, a beautiful slice of cured Foie torchon, with little crunchies of nut and a borage flower, suspended over ‘escabeche’ of onion stock and sherry vinegar. Really nice. The Spanish love their foie gras soup. 
There was a nice warm salad of cured fresh bacalao with early green peas, a piece of sweetbread with a lemon and butter emulation, and some excellent desserts. Red fruit sorbet, held together with either gelatin or something, so that it could be cut into a think sheet, like a blanket, and places over berries and a chestnut mousse. Executed perfectly. And the last thing was a crazy fake half of a coconut.  Pineapple juice was the sauce, the shell was n2o’ed coconut milk, and the crust was coffee, chocolate and shredded coconut. All this with a bottle of Do Ferraro Albarino.

Dry Martini

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This is the quinessential bar, pure old school, with bar men that welcomed me in my second visit, and asked me how my day went. Like it was a hard day!